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Helicopter aerial filming and photography are highly specialised operations that require the right helicopter, the right equipment and pilots with an in-depth understanding of the needs of film crews.

We use the highly versatile EC120 for all of our aerial and filming work as its manoeuvrability and stability make this aircraft the first choice among videographers and photographers. In addition to the ergonomically designed wider cabin the doors can also be removed for greater freedom of movement.

We cover anything from documentary filming and high-budget blockbuster movies to precision stills photography and aerial survey work.

Please contact us for any aerial filming requirements at +382 68 010 999 or email us at

Though Drones have recently grabbed all the limelight, Helicopter Aerial Filming has been delivering exceptional aerial videos since decades.

Helicopters succeed in retaining their significance in the industry when it comes to filming complex aerial shot, vast area, high altitude, and speed. Airways Scenic & Charter is the first and licensed operator of helicopter services in Montenegro. We provide aerial filming and photography in Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia.

For the past years, we have successfully provided aerial filming for ports, developers, construction, film and television industry. Having worked with some major studios and production houses. With our precise planning, experienced crew, we have an impeccable safety record.

We carefully design the entire process of aerial film making. Ranging from sourcing photographers, refueling spots, permit to land in remote locations and flight planning. With us, you don’t need to bother about the demanding permit process as we take care of it all. We are up to date with all permit regulations in Montenegro and can obtain permits for your project.

We cherish the exclusive advantage of securing good connections with Government authorities, helping you resolve schedule-related issues, and help you alter filming dates incase of poor visibility, without paying an extra!