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About Premiere IA


Manufacturer: Beechcraft

Role: Business Jet

Cabin capacity: 2 crew 6 passengers 

Cruise speed: 460 KNOTS / MACH 0.8 / 828 KmH

Range: 1.100 NM / 1980 km

Payload:  1.400 LBS / 635 KG 


The Premier IA is a business jet manufactured by Beechcraft. The Premier IA has the most comfortable cabin of his category. The Beechcraft Premier IA features a contoured cabin headliner that increases passenger headroom, adjustable LED down wash lighting and passenger reading lights. The interior is roomy, quiet and comfortable with features contoured seats that swivel and recline and a private aft lavatory.

Main Dimension


Technical Data
Cabin capacity 2 crew + 6 passengers
Empty weight - Passenger transport configuration 3627 kg (7996 lb)
Useful load 1887 kg (4160 lb)
Maximum payload 712 kg (1570 lb)
Maximum take-off weight 5670 kg (12500 lb)
Main Performances
Maximum speed 461knots/854 kmh
Cruise speed 451 knots/835 kmh
Cruise speed 451 knots/835 kmh
Rate of climb 3,66 ms (with MTOW)
Fuel capacity 1665 kg
Range 1430 nm/1080 km