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About Eurocopter EC120 (Colibri)


Manufacturer: Airbus Helicopters

Cabin capacity: 1 pilot 4 passengers

Cruise speed: 120 KNOTS/ 216 KmH

Maximum range: 360 NM/ 650 KM

Payload:  650 kg

Advantages: Versatility, huge luggage compartment and air conditioning


The EC 120 Colibri is a multi-mission helicopter, designed for safe, simple and cost-effective operations. It is the smartest and most versatile and silent turbine helicopter on the market. The EC 120 integrates a high level of advanced technology to make the rotorcraft easier and safer to fly. It can easily land in your favorite restaurant or close to your rafting and sky spot!

Equipped with air conditioning and can accommodate 4 passengers plus the pilot with a huge luggage space, unique in its category.

With its unobstructed cabin, fitted with energy attenuating seats each offering excellent visibility makes it perfectly suited for the following missions:

  • Passenger transport,
  • Training,
  • Corporate use,
  • Panoramic flights

Main Dimension

Technical data
Cabin capacity 1 crew + 4 passengers
Cargo compartment 1.40 m² x 0.80 m³
Empty weight – Passenger transport configuration 1036 kg (2284 lb)
Useful load 679 kg (1497 lb)
Maximum take-off weight 1715 kg (3781 lb
Maximum operational weight in external load configuration 1800 kg (3968 lb)
Main performances
Maximum speed 150 knots/270 kmh
Cruise speed 120 knots/216 kmh
Rate of climb 5,84 ms (with MTOW)
Fuel capacity 406 litres
Fuel consumption 120 litres / hour
Range 360 nm/650 km
Maximum payload Up to 500 kg (depends on estimate flight time)